Kanchana – HR and Travel Administrator

“Our clients are located around the world and we find that some locations have less air traffic, so it can be hard to arrange business travel when conducting our own flight searches and this in itself is very time consuming! TravelWise have made it simpler to compare many possibilities of available flights and they tailor make multi-destination trips to suit our business needs.

Their service features so many useful tools. In particular, Travelport ViewTrip is fantastic. It stores our traveller’s itinerary online and in one place which eliminates the need to search through emails for information. The team also reminds us whether a destination requires a visa and they provide insightful travel reports. Another benefit which our travellers find helpful is the out of hours support.

I recommend TravelWise as the team are very thoughtful (they have come to know our preferences) and they are very experienced. The service they provide simply works and that’s what we are after. So, thank you TravelWise and keep up the good work!”